Transformation Booty Programme Q&A

I started my booty building journey by looking for inspiration on social media. I followed girls who had a physique that I admired and wanted to achieve, thinking that if I did everything they did, that I would look like them. That was my first mistake, but I hate to call it a mistake because it taught me so much. Yes my journey was much longer, spanning over the course of several years, but I ended up trialling and testing all sorts of methods, reading fitness journals on how to build muscle, listening to men to see purely how they train for muscle growth. I realised that so much on social media is a gimmick and a lie and that though the human body has evolved, it hasn’t evolved that much and the classic methods of growing your body are still the very best.

It has become a trend now to seek new exercises that haven’t been seen before to film a work out video, except the workout video is purposely filled with exercises that make the Instagram celebrity look good. Let me tell you, the exercises that actually rip your muscle tissue apart do not make you look good! You will pull all sorts of faces and be all types of exhausted, it is difficult in today’s world not to get mislead but you need to be aware of marketing strategies. In reality 80% of it is a waste of time, the body is scientific, therefore we must look and understand the biology of it to put together the best program for optimum results.

Let me tell you one thing that is for sure – there is no fast road to growth! Booty Programs that span over 2, 3 weeks are pointless. If you want a bigger, rounder booty, you have to grow your glute muscles and it extremely difficult to gain over 10 pounds of lean muscle in one year, especially for ladies. Growing muscle is like watering a plant, you have to feed it regularly, feed it the correct diet, make sure it has time to grow and doesn’t expend too much energy. Added to this every body has different genetic muscle growth potential, so you can see why it becomes difficult to understand how to start.

This is why I created the Transformation Booty Programme, to narrow it all down to a selection of only the best glute growth exercises, not leg, just glute! I have provided an easy nutritional guide to help you understand how to feed your newly growing glute muscle because it is just as important as the exercises themselves. I designed this program with myself in mind, if it worked for me, challenged me and I loved it so much so that I wouldn’t turn up at a gym without it, then it was good enough for the public. I urge you to continuously educate yourself into the science behind what we are doing rather than look at Instagram celebrities (who may not even have grown their booty naturally) because only then can you start to train smart and gain results.

Enjoy xx

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Transformation Booty Program Questions and Answers 

Q. Do I need to join a gym to do the Transformation Booty Programme?

Yes! If you are not already joined to a gym then in order to do the programme you will need to do so. This programme has been designed to give you maximum booty results and those cannot be achieved without significant resistance. If you are unable to join a gym but still want some degree of booty toning then please wait for my Booty Blast Home Programme.

Q.How will I receive the Program? Videos or PDF?

Once you have purchased the program, you will be given an access code and a link. This will expire after 24 weeks enabling you to view the program 6 weeks over the 18 week time frame to allow for any inconvenience. The link will enable you to download the program in PDF format and you will also be able to view the exercises via linked videos.

Q. Will I need to buy fitness equipment?

It is advised that you be adequately dressed and prepared for the workouts listed in the program. Items like flat sole trainers, wrist straps, gloves, bar cushion/pad, resistance bands are all suggested but not obligatory. The purchase of any additional items are down to the customer.

Q. I'm a beginner, will this be too hard for me?

The program has been designed to benefit people from all different starting points. You are advised to take the program at your own pace and add resistance as much as you feel comfortable. It may take a complete beginner longer to master some of the lifting exercises, but by watching the videos multiple times, you will be able to master them.

Q. How much exercise will I need to do?

The Transformation Booty Program alternates in stages between 3 and 4 days per week, allowing for any additional cardio or activity that someone may want to do. However it is stated that any additional forms of training whilst completing this program may affect/hinder results and the decision to participate in such activities lies soley with the customer.

Q.How long will each session last?

At the beginning the sessions should only last around 1 hour. During further stages, each session shouldn’t last more than 2 hours providing you stick to the rest times given and don’t spend too much time setting up equipment. Again you are advised to take it at your own pace and listen to your body.

Q. Can I adjust or customise the program?

It is not advised to make any adjustments or customise the program, however should you wish to do so it is solely at the discretion of the customer.

To adjust your program, just email our fitness trainers at and we will be happy to help you out.

Q. How important is stretching and do I have to do it?

It is highly recommended that you do warm up and cool down with each session including stretching. Stretching out your muscles before and after training can be done using simple movements like squats – it doesn’t have to be a static hold. However static holds, particularly after training can boost results by speeding up recovery and preventing injury as well as elongating muscle fibres for better stimulation next session.

Q. I'm struggling with a particular exercise, is there an alternative?

Some of the exercises will be hard when you first perform them, but they have been placed in the program for their benefits so practicing them is essential. However, if you do need advice on adjusting any specific exercises from the program, just email Laura at and she will be happy to look at individual requirements.

Q. What if I don't have time to do all the training sessions in the week?

If you find that you don’t have time to complete the sessions listed then it is suggested that this program may not be suitable for you. In order to create muscle growth and shape, you need to place enough controlled stress. This requires time, consistency, frequency and dedication. It is better that you do the program only once you have enough time to dedicate to it.

Q. I'm a male, can I do the Transformation Booty Program?

Absolutely! Any of the programs can be enjoyed by women and men! Men should feel bootilicious too!

Q. I don't usually exercise, is this going to be too hard? What level are the programs aimed at?

The program is going to be easier for experienced and advanced lifters and was written by Laura with herself in mind. However it is designed so that anyone can use and re-use it. This is why you are allowed to view the program 6 weeks after the duration, in case you need more practice to master the technique or for other various reasons.