Booty Sculpt Home Programme


Grow, tone and define your glutes at home with our Booty Sculpt Home Programme. This programme is continuation of our sell-out class Booty Sculpt to maximise results at home. The programme includes a resistance band and gliding discs to maximise the feel of the gym at home for superior booty results. Kept inside a GYMCAT bag you can take this programme with you anywhere you go, hotels, home, the workplace and the gym. This ensures that no matter how busy your lifestyle, your body and fitness goals never need to be compromised.

Please note the Kit (Discs, Resistance Band a GYMCAT Bag) will be added to your basket and when you progress to check-out the value of the Kit will be discounted from the order.

Client Reviews

I’m on week 2 of the Booty Sculpt Home Programme and I’m loving it, plus doing your classes 1- 2 times a week. Really tough but I’m getting there, don’t know how I would have got through this quarantine without your workouts so thank you so much!


Laura is an amazing trainer, she is lovely, kind, she makes you feel soo comfortable. She motivates you into achieving more than what you think you can do!! I recommend her 1000% I loved training with her and will train with her again in a heart beat! She knows what she’s talking about.


Never in my life have I said 'my bum hurts' so much. Laura is the kindest and purest soul you could ever meet. She is motivating, supportive and so much fun. However this is not for the faint hearted. She will work you silly and it really works. The exercises she has shown me have transformed my body and they're nothing you can get from instagram or your average gym. In summary Laura is tough love but she cares so much and I couldn't recommend anyone better. It will hurt but it's worth it.