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Listen to Laura Mary Miller’s Booty Playlist

By May 17, 2018 June 1st, 2021 66 Comments
Laura Mary Miller

I absolutely love my music and it can be absolutely anything, from heavy metal to classical, from Disney to country – anything at all! The one thing that every single song on my iPod has in common is that they make me feel something. If a song makes me feel neutral or I don’t really have an opinion about it then it’s unlikely to feature on any of my playlists. 

One area where the music choice is really important though is at the gym. In my opinion to get the full benefits from your workout, everything should pre-planned and your booty workout music should be no exception. Booty training is hard and exerts all of your energy, it requires tapping in to that next energy level which comes mentally not physically, so music which gets you pumped and motivated to take on the world can be the difference from just reaching the set number of reps or squeezing out another three after – which is the difference between results and BOOTYFULL results!!!

My personal criteria for booty training music is that it has to make me feel one of five things: 

sexy, determined (like a boss lady), powerful (girlpower), happy or slightly angry (in a good way haha). 

Anything latino makes me think of wearing a dress where my butt will look extra good if I work out that little bit harder – and who doesn’t want that? Anything that screams girl power makes me feel determined to prove myself and lead the way for other girls to feel fabulous. Anything from the 90’s makes me feel happy because I reminisce from when I was little and the feeling that I could achieve anything. Lastly but not least anything that makes me feel a bit angry gives me a rush of adrenaline, which helps me lift heavier and for longer (scientifically proven).

Everyone is so different and reacts differently to music, so I advise you to experiment and see what makes you want to go out and take on the world. Put all these tracks onto one playlist and when you put it on shuffle, it should just be one banger after another and massively enhance your gym workout enjoyment and performance. 

Incase any of you may find it helpful or motivating, here is my own gym playlist which I am constantly adding to. There is a bit of everything, cheese, heavy metal, rock, pop, rap – but you can bet each one of these tracks is in there for a reason, even it is just the words as in JLO and Iggy Azalea’s “booty” – (not predictable at all haha)

I have called this my Transformation Booty Programme Playlist because this is what I listen to when I am doing my TBP program in the gym. Now take a listen and see if it compels you to get your butt to the gym and smash all of your booty goals.

Lets work our butts on!

Laura xx  

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