Introduction to a Healthier You

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Laura Mary Miller

You see lean, fit and healthy bodies in magazines, on social media and maybe your friends have bodies that you admire. Some of them seem able to eat anything and stay slim and you think you are just never going to achieve your dream body because genetically you are not so predisposed. Let me tell you this, that if you are already telling yourself that you will never be like your idols or achieve your dream body, that you are already setting yourself for failure by hiding behind this excuse.

In reality you can actually achieve mostly any body goal you wish, the only thing that you can not change is the bone structure of your skeleton i.e waist to hip ratio or height etc and if you wish to have a Jennifer Lopez like structure but in reality are built more in line with Kate Moss then you may have to accept that you won’t end up like the former. However, it doesn’t mean that you can not attain a curvier structure, it just means that you will have to accept the steep exercise and nutrition programme that comes with it.
My advice is to keep it simple, look at your skeleton and decide what your natural shape is – I go with these standard body shapes – hourglass, apple, pear and straight. Just like an oval face shape is the most desired because aesthetically it is considered the most balanced to the human eye, the hourglass is considered the most aesthetically pleasing body shape due to its equal shoulder to hip ratio with a small waist and balanced legs. So just like cutting bangs to shorten a long face or layers to thin down a rounder face, whichever category you fall into we will try to attain as much of that hourglass balance we can by working with whatever your own natural shape is, bearing in mind there are many variations under one category i.e a very curvy hourglass shape as opposed to a thinner hourglass.

I urge ladies not to focus on the numbers on the scales and I have always refused to own or use any myself. Instead I advise you to look at your fat percentage, as too high a percentage is unhealthy and unhealthiness is in turn unaesthetic. It is my belief that someone who is healthy no matter what their physical dimensions or features are will always look attractive, so I always say first look to becoming the healthiest version of yourself and the aesthetics will inevitably follow as a byproduct, so don’t get caught up in the numbers of it all.

The body does not like fast or extreme change, it is making hundreds upon thousands of intricate chemical processes to keep you alive every second of every day and so any extreme change that you put it through only pushes it far out of balance. This will only result in illness or damage and whether temporary or permanent it will set you further and further back from the healthy condition and body goals we are aiming for so no crash diets, or unobtainable time pressures like needing to lose 5 stone for a holiday next month! There is no such diet or plan that allows you to eat how you wish and lose weight and any methods out there that claim to achieve this, ask that person are they slim? If they say yes then ask them, are they healthy? They will say no! You can not compare a thin body lacking in nutrients to one which is slim and shaped full of healthy lean muscle, glowing skin, vibrant hair and in someone who has lots of energy, this is why I do not advocate slimming world or quick fixes.

Because of the above, we know that depending upon your starting point that this is going to be a journey, it’s going to take time, there are going to be ups and downs, you are going to feel like you aren’t getting anywhere and then suddenly you can feel and see a big difference. I always tell my clients that you need to get your mind prepared for the journey as you have to be consistent. Once you have decided that you want to get healthy and achieve an aesthetic body, you can’t back in and out. Do it at a time in your life that you can fully commit to the process and stick with it, then carry what you have learned through the rest of your life. I can’t stress enough the importance of getting your mind ready as I believe as the same with everything, that life is a mental battle not a physical one. You are going to need to break up with your bad habits and this can be easier said than done, however it is easier the more determined you are. You developed these habits in the first place so even though it can feel challenging these habits can be undone and you will fall in love with feeling healthy and looking fantastic, which in turn will become your new habit.

Be prepared to buy new clothes as you get slimmer, to buy and cook healthy food and spend that extra time on yourself, after all you aren’t doing this for anyone else it’s all for you, it is an investment in yourself, give it everything and 100% effort. Have a picture of the body type that you admire which is similar your own skeleton shape and keep it close by to look at every time you feel like slipping back into old habits. This will remind you of your commitment to the process, if you find yourself unable to break bad habits, ask yourself how strong your desire to attain your body goals actually was in the first place. You have to have enough strong reasons why, in order to be able to make such a commitment and if you actually don’t really care then you will never succeed.

Lastly frustration is a natural part of the journey, as explained above the body does not like drastic change, so when making a decision to change eating and exercise habits you need to let the body adjust and catch up – there will be periods of feeling like you are excelling at a very fast rate then periods where you hit a plateau, this is not where you give up, but in fact where you keep going and push harder, realise this is normal, accept it and embrace the process. Do not compare your progress or journey to your friends, idols or anyone else as they are not you and everyone is different. Everyone learns a language at a different pace and in the same way everyone changes their bodies at a different pace, do not allow anyone else to interfere with your process.

As stated above this is an investment to you, it is an exciting decision, bringing far more joy than eating a Mcdonalds or unhealthy food you love in which the pleasure only lasts a few minutes and far more excitement than the initial elation of buying a new dress, which only comes with a massive come down when you see the pictures of you wearing it which you don’t like. Why waste money buying a new dress to try to make you feel fantastic when the body underneath is unhealthy and out of shape? As is frequently said, your makeup is only ever as good as your tools and in this instance the dress will only look as fabulous as the healthy body wearing it. In this instance is it a far savvier decision to invest in a personal trainer who is able to help you along your fat loss and body sculpting journey and make it as enjoyable and easy a process as possible. Investing in your health in this way is never a waste of money but if you are willing to waste it by not fully committing to it then ask yourself if you are really ready, question if you are willing but never question if it can be done! Of course it can!

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