Booty Sculpt is a gym based class using light equipment to tone, lift and sculpt the glutes. You can expect to feel fitter, healthier and have fun whilst listening to the zumba style beats.
Please note this is a ladies only class.

Booty Sculpt LIVE runs on Sundays at 12.30pm – 1.30pm at our Bristol location, please check dates to confirm before booking.

Class Location BRISTOL: Riverside Leisure Club, Station Road, Little Stoke, Bristol, BS34 6HW. Free parking in the onsite car park. Please note you may make use of the onsite salon and spa. Other facilities such as use of the swimming pool may be taken up with reception separately. Click here to find out more about Riverside Leisure Club

Please use the booking calendar to book your ticket and note that tickets are booked for a total of 4 classes each. Please check the dates of those 4 classes and if you are unable to attend one of the dates listed, please email to arrange a date swap before purchasing.

REMINDING NOTE: You are purchasing a ticket to attend 4 classes, please double check the dates before booking.

You can view the Booty Sculpt Terms and Conditions here, you will need to agree to these and our general terms and conditions during checkout.

Booty Sculpt Class Selection

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Client Reviews

Such a difference toned and lifted wise!!! I’ve always had quite a big bum but I have always wanted to shape it up and tone however haven’t been able to before your classes


Can definitely say your classes work 100%


I always found before your classes I used to get so bored just dong sets, I could stick with it at the gym but at home after doing 2 sets I’d be bored and go to the next thing and was rubbish at pushing myself! Using your routines and songs really helps me stick to a solid routine at home

Amy JBristol

I’m so glad I started coming to your classes, I would have never got to where I am now if I hadn’t! Thank you for all the motivation