Booty Sculpt is a gym based class using light equipment to tone, lift and sculpt the glutes. You can expect to feel fitter, healthier and have fun whilst listening to the zumba style beats.
Please note this is a ladies only class.

Booty Sculpt runs on a Sunday at 11am – 11.50am, please check dates to confirm before booking.

Class Location: 1 St Peters Court, Bedminster Parade, Bristol BS3 4AQ. Free on-street parking is available.

Please use the section below to view how many spaces we have on this weekends class, jump spaces are assigned on a first come, first served basis.

Booty Sculpt Class Selection

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Client Reviews

Just to say - I certainly feel like my booty is getting more peachy on the daily!! Those 3 classes a week during June have 100 made a difference ..even my thighs feel more shapely and toned. I can feel it in my legs too..feeling so much stronger. So thank you I’m LOVING the classes and even on a “bad day” or I’m tired from work I still power through because I know it’s worth it and I always feel SO freaking good after, even if I’m covered in sweat.


Just wanted to say I am absolutely loving the classes and will defo be booking on for 2 a week next month, I’ve only done 3 classes and it’s sounds crazy but my bum is such a difference shape already!!! Such an amazing class!!


You’ve literally given my bum the under butt I’ve always wanted, I’m still not where I want to be but I’ve made so much progress in 2 months doing your classes than I have training by myself for years! My legs are looking stronger and I thank you for that!


This is INSANE! I used the band last night when I was training and I’ve defo been getting off lightly with the band I’ve been using! Looking forward to August’s classes using the right band!