About Us

We are passionate about Booty building believing that there are countless tremendous benefits to obtaining strong glutes. With the glutes being one of the most metabolic muscles in the body but also one of the toughest to train, it is no wonder that you can also expect to burn body fat, increase fitness levels and core stability. This class is high intensity with direct focus on firing up lazy or dead glute muscles caused by long periods of sitting and inactivation, commonly seen with modern living. Working out to Latin beats and dancehall vibes you can expect to feel like shaking your booty whilst doing your squats. Not only will your booty gain a massive lift but so will your sense of wellbeing and confidence.

Client Reviews

Laura is an amazing trainer, she is lovely, kind, she makes you feel soo comfortable. She motivates you into achieving more than what you think you can do!! I recommend her 1000% I loved training with her and will train with her again in a heart beat! She knows what she’s talking about.


After losing motivation in the gym I thought I would give Laura’s class a go after being recommended by a friend. It was honestly one of the most hardest class I’ve attended but so so rewarding. Laura is an amazing pt and the results she has achieved are so inspiring.


I have been working out with Laura for just over a year now and not only does she push me beyond my limits each week, she is incredibly knowledgeable, and has gone over and above to help me with my nutritional journey; her advice and support has been invaluable. A workout with Laura is tough, but the results speak for themselves, and I’m so glad I started my journey with her.


Never in my life have I said 'my bum hurts' so much. Laura is the kindest and purest soul you could ever meet. She is motivating, supportive and so much fun. However this is not for the faint hearted. She will work you silly and it really works. The exercises she has shown me have transformed my body and they're nothing you can get from instagram or your average gym. In summary Laura is tough love but she cares so much and I couldn't recommend anyone better. It will hurt but it's worth it.


I have had PT sessions with Laura for quite a while now and I can honestly say she is a master at what she does! She understands the body and knows how to get you to connect with your muscles for optimum results. She makes you feel so comfortable, never embarrassed and pushes you to your limit. No session feels the same and she really cares about getting the results you want. All you need to do is look at how she has sculpted her own body and that is proof enough she knows exactly what she is doing, and yes she really does look like that in real life.


I finally have found the perfect booty workouts with Laura’s booty programme. My journey has been great, challenging and a lot of dedication and hard work that has 100% paid off because of the amazing Transformation Booty Programme. This programme has made a huge difference in my life, by giving me the confidence and a MASSIVE difference in my booty, which I absolutely adore – I highly recommend Laura’s programme.


I went to Bristol to see my sister and Laura kindly offered to train me as well. From only one session with Laura, I’ve learnt how to target my glutes effectively and have used her knowledge when training myself. I had had many personal trainers before and many after but none of them have impacted how I work out as much as she has and I’ve noticed a considerable difference. I cannot recommend her enough!!!


Working with Laura helped me a lot. First sessions she sat me down and explained her Booty Transformation, the cycles, explained the training, diet and lifestyle! Laura was always informative and 100% supportive! She was always at hand to answer any of my questions and help me where possible. I learned a lot from my time with Laura, she didn’t just train me, she explained all the different areas that are important in growing your glutes. She was always really motivating and made my little booty grow.